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Professional Bathroom Remodeling Services in Naples, Collier County FL

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Naples, Collier County FL

At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we specialize in providing top-quality bathroom remodeling services in Naples and throughout Collier County. Our team of experienced professionals has years of experience in remodeling bathrooms to meet our customers’ unique needs and specifications.


We use the latest tools and techniques to ensure that every bathroom remodeling project we undertake is completed to the highest standards. Whether you need a simple update or a complete renovation, we have the expertise and resources to complete the job.


Our bathroom remodeling services are available to domestic and commercial customers, and we can remodel bathrooms of all sizes. No matter how big or small your project may be, we have the skills and experience to handle it easily.


Our team of bathroom remodeling experts is committed to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our customers. We understand that a bathroom renovation can be a significant investment, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life on time and within budget.


So, if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced bathroom remodeling service in Naples, look no further than Naples Bathroom Remodels. Call or fill out our online inquiry form today to schedule your free consultation, and let us help you transform your bathroom into a beautiful and functional space.

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What types of Bathroom Remodeling projects do we handle?

At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we specialize in a wide range of bathroom remodeling projects. From simple updates to full-scale renovations, we have the expertise to transform your bathroom into the luxurious oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Our team can handle everything from installing new fixtures to completely gutting and redesigning your space. Let’s look at some bathroom fixtures we can install for you.

At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we offer a wide range of shower and bath options to suit every style and budget. Showers can range from simple enclosures to luxurious walk-in designs, and baths can be freestanding or built-in. The most common types used in bathroom remodels include alcove, corner, freestanding tubs, and standard and custom shower enclosures. Our team of experts can help customers select the perfect shower or bath to fit their needs and style preferences. We can source and install the chosen product with professionalism and efficiency. With our help, customers can achieve the bathroom of their dreams.

At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we understand the importance of choosing the right sinks and vanities for your bathroom remodel project. Several types of sinks and vanities exist, including pedestal sinks, vessel sinks, wall-mounted sinks, and undermount sinks. Similarly, vanities come in various styles, such as freestanding, floating, and corner vanities. However, the most commonly used sinks and vanities in bathroom remodeling are under mount sinks and freestanding vanities, as they offer a sleek and modern look. Our team can help source the most suitable sinks and vanities for your project and provide professional installation services to ensure your remodeling is completed satisfactorily.

When it comes to toilet options for a bathroom remodel, there are several types to choose from. The most common styles include gravity-fed, pressure-assisted, and dual-flush toilets. Gravity-fed toilets are the most traditional and commonly used type, while pressure-assisted toilets are known for their powerful flushes. Dual-flush toilets offer both a half-flush and full-flush option for water conservation purposes. At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we can help source the most suitable toilet for your remodel process based on your preferences and budget. Our expert team can also handle the installation process, ensuring your new toilet is installed correctly and efficiently.

Cabinets and countertops are essential elements in any bathroom remodel project. Cabinets come in various styles, materials, and finishes, from modern and sleek to classic and traditional. Countertops also vary in material, such as granite, marble, quartz, and laminate, each with unique properties and benefits. At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we understand that choosing the right cabinets and countertops can be overwhelming, so we offer professional guidance in sourcing and selecting the most suitable products for your project. Our team of experts can also handle the installation process to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers.

At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we understand that choosing suitable tiles for your bathroom remodel can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer expertise in helping you source the most appropriate tiles for your project. We provide various tile options, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, and natural stone. The most common types of tiles used in bathroom remodels are porcelain and ceramic due to their durability and resistance to moisture. Our team of experts will guide you through the selection process and ensure that the tiles you choose are perfect for your bathroom remodel. We also provide professional installation services to guarantee a seamless and flawless finish.

A Naples bathroom remodel with blue walls and a white bathtub.

What are the benefits of remodeling your bathroom?

Remodeling your bathroom can offer several benefits beyond just giving it a fresh look. It can increase your home’s value, improve functionality, enhance comfort and relaxation, and save money on utility bills. At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we specialize in creating beautiful, functional bathroom spaces that cater to your unique needs and preferences. Let’s explore the benefits of remodeling your bathroom in more detail.

Remodeling your bathroom can be an excellent way to increase the value of your property. A new, remodeled bathroom can make your home more desirable to potential buyers and help you command a higher selling price. Investing in a new bathroom can be a positive, as you will likely make money back when you sell the property. In addition to increasing the value of your property, a bathroom remodel can also improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home. From updating fixtures and finishes to improving the layout and storage options, a bathroom can make your home more comfortable and enjoyable for years.

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t just enhance its appearance; it can also significantly reduce your energy bills. Upgrading to new energy-efficient features and fixtures can go a long way in conserving energy and saving you money in the long run. With a range of energy-saving options available in the US, from low-flow showerheads and toilets to LED lighting, you can make your bathroom sustainable. Not only will this contribute positively to the environment, but it can also add value to your home. At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we understand the importance of sustainability and offer various eco-friendly options to help you save on energy bills.

Remodeling your bathroom in Naples is about more than just improving its aesthetics and functionality. It’s also a proactive measure to prevent potentially expensive issues in the future. Older bathrooms that last updated long ago can develop various problems, such as damaged or burst pipes, faulty electrics, leaks, etc. These issues compromise your bathroom’s functionality and can cause significant damage to your property, and require costly repairs. By investing in a bathroom remodel, you can address these issues before they escalate, ensuring that your bathroom is safe, functional, and free of any costly surprises.

At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we understand that your bathroom needs may change, so we offer tailored bathroom remodeling services to meet your unique needs. Whether you want to expand your family, improve the features of your bathroom, enhance safety, or improve functionality, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and preferences, and we’ll design a custom solution that perfectly suits your lifestyle. With our tailored bathroom remodeling services, you can enjoy a bathroom that looks great and meets your evolving needs.

Remodeling your bathroom can not only give it a fresh new look but also allows you to add new features that can enhance your bathing experience. Many different types of bathroom features can be added by remodeling your bathroom. For example, you can add a luxurious bathtub or a spacious shower with multiple shower heads. You can also install new lighting fixtures to create a relaxing ambiance or upgrade to energy-efficient fixtures that save you money on your energy bills. Other features that can be added include heated floors, custom cabinetry, and modern sinks and faucets. By working with Naples Bathroom Remodels, you can add the features you’ve always wanted to make your bathroom a true oasis.

A Naples bathroom remodeling project featuring a modern design with blue walls and a white tub.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of a bathroom remodel can also vary depending on the extent of the renovation. For example, a minor renovation can take a few days to complete, such as replacing the fixtures or adding a new coat of paint. On the other hand, a significant renovation that involves plumbing or electrical work can take several weeks to complete. Additionally, unexpected delays, such as unforeseen structural issues or weather, can also extend the timeline of a bathroom remodel.

In most cases, yes, you will need permits to remodel your bathroom. However, the requirements for permits vary depending on your location and the extent of the renovation. A licensed contractor can guide you through obtaining the necessary permits for your bathroom remodel.

While some homeowners may have the necessary skills to undertake a bathroom remodel themselves, it is usually recommended to hire a professional. A licensed and experienced contractor will have the expertise to manage the renovation process efficiently and ensure all the work is up to code. Additionally, a professional can guide design choices, material selection, and budgeting, saving you time and money in the long run.

When selecting bathroom fixtures, it is essential to consider your budget, your bathroom style, and the fixtures’ functionality. Some popular choices for bathroom fixtures include modern and sleek designs such as wall-mounted faucets or freestanding tubs. It is also important to select durable and low-maintenance fixtures, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles.

There are several ways to make your bathroom more energy-efficient. One way is to install low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets, which can significantly reduce water usage. Another way is to install energy-efficient lighting, such as LED bulbs, which use less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs. Additionally, installing insulation in the walls and ceiling can help regulate the temperature in your bathroom and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Professional Bathroom Remodels Near Me

At Naples Bathroom Remodels, we offer top-notch bathroom remodeling services to Naples and surrounding homeowners. We understand the importance of having a functional and beautiful bathroom, so we work closely with our clients to ensure their vision becomes a reality.


Our services include complete bathroom renovations, fixture replacements, flooring installations, and custom tile work. Our team of experts is experienced in all aspects of bathroom remodeling and will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.


We proudly serve the following areas:


  • Golden Gate
  • Immokalee
  • Marco Island
  • Lely Resort
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  • Naples Manor
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If you’re looking for professional bathroom remodels near you, look at Naples Bathroom Remodels. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your dream bathroom. You can give us a call or fill out the inquiry form on our website. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream bathroom.

A spacious bathroom featuring dual sinks and an oversized tub, perfect for a luxurious Naples bathroom remodel.